Are you looking for a mentor?

One of the most important things when requesting a mentor is understanding what you want in a mentor and communicating it well with your selected mentor. A mentorship request letter is a professional way to communicate what you are looking for in a mentor

Below are some of the things you should do and include in your mentorship request letter. Schedule a meeting to meet each other. Give yourself enough time to share your goals and for your potential mentor to ask questions and get to know you.

What kind of guidance are you looking for?

You want to be very clear and spend time communicating what you need in your letter prior to attending the meeting. This helps you not waste a potential mentors time.

Are you willing to do the work?

You should be able to clearly communicate and confirm that you are going to do what it takes if the mentor decides to commit their time and energy to helping you grow.

Do you understand the value?

Remember that a potential mentors time has value. Acknowledge the value and be gracious and understanding if they choose to decline. It may not be a good fit or they may be mentoring someone currently.

Below is a sample mentor request letter. Write this letter as you would a formal business letter and be sure that you edit it for correct spelling and punctuation.

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Dear Mentor,

I would love the opportunity to be mentored by you. It will require a lot of your time I would welcome being mentored either on email or phone or Skype or FaceTime or in person, whatever you choose.

I researched your podcasts and read your book and it has inspired me to start my my own business and become an entrepreneur. I truly believe that I could greatly increase my success in this new adventure if I had a professional mentor to help guide me.

My goal would be for us to meet once or twice a month for about an hour to discuss goals and plans, and how to execute those plans. I plan to dedicate 5 hours a week following each of our discussions to do the work discussed and make progress towards my goals.

Your time is very valuable, and I know that successful leaders have busy schedules. If you are unavailable to mentor me, I completely understand. If you would like to possibly pursue a mentorship relationship I would like to schedule a call to discuss this with you at when it is most convenient for you.
I can be reached by email or cell phone and I have included that information in my signature.

Again, thank you for taking the time to consider this, I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Future Mentee
Signature of Mentee
Printed Name of Mentee