Brian Faught


My gift is speaking to people and leading people.  I’ve been doing sales, marketing, and motivational seminars for 20 years and God’s gift to me is the ability to relate to people on any level and basically any topic.  I’m gifted with the ability to “speak the language” of the person in front of me.  And it doesn’t really matter who it is; from pre-school children (my character education program I sell to schools, Just Do The Right Thing), to young hungry sales professionals, or senior level management personnel and CEO’s.


“Do the right things when no one’s watching”

Coaching & Speaking Topics

– Developing Credibility 

The first thing to establish in any relationship is credibility.  Credibility is nothing more than belief.  Belief is the driving force in people…your life is dictated by your beliefs.  By establishing credibility (THEY BELIEVE YOU), you know that the person in front of you, or listening to you, is open to the information you’re giving them.


– Enhancing Inter-Personal Skills

People remember how they feel!  Learning to deliver your message in a manner that clearly shows the benefit to your audience…how it is GOOD FOR THEM, which makes them feel good…will empower your people, your audience (which can be 1), to perform better.


Coaching isn’t about the topic…it’s about the connection and delivery.  In today’s Google world, you can become a conversational expert on almost any topic.  So relevant information is readily available on every topic…at that point, you just have to relate the topic to your audience and their goals and expectations.

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