Carla Burns


Carla Burns is a Master level mentor and inspirational speaker. Recently completing her PH. D in Quantum Integrative Medicine, and the publishing of her book What Walt Knew, Carla Burns, has helped thousands worldwide achieve personal success.

Carla coaches within the network marketing industry as both top 7 figure earner as well as product development expert.

Over the past 10 years Carla has built a massive team of independent distributors throughout the globe expanding over 21 countries.

With a decade of commitment Carla leads a team which consists of over a million customers and distributors and has produced over a Billion in total team sales.

Many look to Carla for her mentorship, coaching and product education yet she continues to share those leaders who she has been blessed with as the reason for her success.

Her passion is helping others create a magical life all areas of mind, body and spirit to achieve optimal success.

As a sought out TEDX speaker and Quantum wellness expert Carla shares how teaching the truths she herself has implemented has made her a master of bridging the gap between science and spirituality.

Speaking & Coaching Topics:

1. Dreaming the Impossible dream
2.Cultivate creativity through child like thinking
3. Supernatural Faith
4. Spiritual Nutrition

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