Carolyn Bondy


Carolyn Bondy is a speaker, coach and the Founder/Chairman of Empowering Women as Leaders, a national nonprofit that enables women to reinvent their lives.  She is a former Fortune 500 Vice President with over 25 years of experience transforming organizations.

She started her personal re-invention journey in her 20s after years of being bullied and a 6-year failed marriage.   From the years of pain along with the feeling of rejection, failure and self-doubt, Carolyn developed practices that re-invented her life from the wounded introvert to the extrovert leader.

With her big heart and love for others, Carolyn has dedicated her life to helping other women re-invent their lives and create their legacy.   Re-invention starts with helping women to see their inner power, find their voice, dream big and boldly transform their lives.   Creating a legacy is helping others identify what they want to leave in this world that makes a difference for generations to come.

Speaking & Coaching Topics -

  • Design your life
  • Bold life transformations
  • Career coaching
  • Dating after divorce
  • Building your life legacy
  • Starting a nonprofit


“Carolyn is a great listener and truly cares about people.  She has taught me to be open and vulnerable, to find my passion and purpose, to take bold actions to build a happy and meaningful life.   Within two years, I’ve moved to a leadership position that progresses my career goals.  I couldn’t have done this without Carolyn’s support.  I’d highly recommend Carolyn to anyone, especially women, who are passionate about their career and living a purposeful life.” Client

Life Quotes -

  • Don’t have life regrets.
  • Stop waiting for tomorrow.
  • Be brave and take bold steps.

To Connect with Carolyn Bondy or any of our coaches for a discovery session email team@theconversationcoaches.com.

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