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Jennifer McAlister believes that God never wastes our tears and if He allows us to go through something, He will use it for His glory. After watching the bombs explode in front of her at the Boston Marathon finish line, Jennifer was painfully aware how mere seconds mattered between life and death. Since then, she has felt an urgency to help others through both the written and spoken word to live the life they were created for –  a life of joy, purpose, courage, and hope.

Her desire to strengthen and encourage others led her to write Press On: Stories of endurance, faith, and trust. She is also the co-founder of Trained to Trust an organization that encourages others through speaking engagements, luncheons, blogs and social media to share their stories and train them to trust their Creator at all times.

Romans 8:28 is a reminder from the Bible that God turns all things around for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. Jennifer’s recent invitation to write devotionals for is an example of this. Her insights and lessons learned have been shared all over the world. Her most recent devotionals, Press On and Move On have been downloaded over 72,000 times. Jennifer stories and articles have also been featured in the book Stories of Roaring Faithand Shout! Outdoor Lifestyle Magazine.

As a fitness enthusiast, Jennifer understands that life can feel like a race with twists, turns, uphill climbs, downward descents, and long stretches of highway. She has completed seventeen marathons as well as two full IRONMAN triathlons and is convinced that endurance with purpose is the key to finishing well.  As part of the Conversation Coaches, Consultants, Speakers & Leadership Network, she is a certified Speaker, Trainer, and Coach. Jennifer believes it is a privilege to serve and is dedicated to empowering young women to make healthy, life-affirming decisions as a counselor at a pregnancy center. She is also on the board of directors of Phillip’s Wish, a non-profit to serve the homeless.

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