Mark Hardcastle


Live a life that manifests kindness, celebrates resolve and embraces reality.

Years ago, author Mark Hardcastle recognized that patterns were developing around events in his life. Sometimes it was good stuff; often not-so-good. But in the end, everything always seemed to work out. Was that just a matter of chance? Or was it something he could rely on?

After several years of journaling about that reality, Mark broke his neck in a mountain biking accident near Moab, Utah. An event like that has the effect of powerfully focus in gone’s attentions. Mark has written a book about that and other life experiences. Today he travels around the country in spiring groups of all sizes to live lives that manifest Kindness, celebrate Resolve, and embrace Reality.

Mark is a graduate of the USAF Academy and is currently an airline captain for a major carrier. He is also a mentor for young singers in the Colorado Children’s Chorale. He is married and has 4 grown kids, all in the Denver area.

The title of Mark’s book is The Symphony of Your Life: Restoring Harmony When Your World Is Out of Tune. It’s available in hard cover on or in your favorite e-book format.

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