Priya Patel


Through my journey, I have come to a profound understanding that our bodies are faithful partners that help us carry the load life may present us. It goes through every difficult and joyful life experience with us. Through my coaching I help my clients cultivate an open, receptive, and present relationship with their body and breath.

Those two things become a bridge to completely access and heal the conscious and unconscious trauma that finds its way into our lives. I would like to dedicate my teaching to the concept that housed in every one of us is the intrinsic knowledge and capability to heal even the most devastating of wounds.

Coaching & Speaking Topics

Each coaching topic engages participants to look within and learn about themselves.

Why Mindfulness:

  • Promote emotionally intelligent conversations
  • Enhance well-being and connect mind, body, and spirit
  • Advance attention and focus and overall performance
  • Develop awareness of your behavior and actions
  • Release negative thoughts and emotions
  • Access your inner wisdom and increase creativity
  • Control stress during trigger moments
  • Recognize vision and purpose

To Connect with Priya or any of our coaches for a discovery session email team@theconversationcoaches.com.

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