Susan Truong


I teach my clients and patients that life changes begin with the discipline of practicing a positive and purposeful mindset.  With the power of this mindset, unimaginable possibilities and opportunities can and will be unleashed.  It is my goal to inspire my patients and clients to live their life by finding meaning in the gift of daily living and to not merely exist.  Everyone needs to understand the importance to do their own soul searching while on the quest to define their purpose, their authenticity.

Coaching & Speaking Topics

  • Mindset
  • Perseverance
  • Clarity
  •  Life
  • Business
  • Health

Susan speaks and coaches her clients to embrace the fact that change starts with a different way of thinking. To understand that if you train the mind, the body will follow because they work in conjunction. That you become and are what you think because your thoughts dictate your emotions, actions and spoken words.

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