Tanya Waymire


For most working people today, work doesn’t end when they get home, and home doesn’t end when they get to work. With the constant connection to all things, you should love being at work almost as much as you love being at home!

Tanya’s proven track record in business leadership and people development serves this mindset. As a successful mentor, coach, speaker, and author, she guides others to understand, define, and live by their core values.

Focused primarily on culture, leadership, and communication, Tanya speaks and teaches from experience. With her formal education as a life coach, and earning her accreditation from the International Coach Federation, she delivers the learning in a way that motivates positive change.

Speaking – Coaching – Consulting topics:


Whether you are happy with it, or not, your business has a culture. What everyone perceives of that culture is the actions and words of each of your team members. Through my business coaching and consulting, you can identify and impact what you want to see your culture be. Want to inspire your organization to create positive change? I am the motivational speaker and author to do that! As you think about those choices, how does that align with what you want it to be?


Some people think of leadership as the person that holds the title. Is it, though? The leaders in your organization may not have a title. Leaders influence others, lead by example, and create the change needed. Who comes to mind – and how does that align with the formal management titles available?

Relationships (Communication)

You may, or may not, have control over the people you work with on a daily basis. You do have control over the strength and depth of your business relationships with each and every one, though. As you think about the perfect, most harmonious work day, how does that align with your current reality?

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